About snozzle vets cards is owned and operated by greetings card publisher Splimple Limited.  We have been established since 2002 and our various ranges are stocked in hundreds of shops around the UK. 

Our best known card range is Alison’s Animals, which is now sold by scores of Veterinary Practices to their clients – usually off the free spinner display units which we supply. We’ve also just released the World of James Herriot card and gift collection, approved by the author’s family and inspired by his writing - with 10% of all revenues being donated to the James Herriot Foundation Trust, a charity that supports Student Veterinary Nurses in their vocational studies.  And we’ve just doubled the size of our Barking at the Moon range, with the addition of 24 image-only cards featuring Britain’s most popular dog breeds.  Vets enjoy a 100% mark-up from trade price and typically reorder between two and four times annually, depending on the size of the Practice.

We are now publishing sympathy cards and new client welcome cards for use by Vets … so your Practice can buy just these from us – or you can combine your order with Alison’s Animals greetings cards.

Personalised cards:

Oh – and as you’ll see, for a small additional cost we can personalise sympathy and new client cards for your Practice, with the inclusion of logos and other details in colour or black and white. is owned and operated by greetings card publisher Splimple Limited,
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