They’re amusing: always respectful of animals (and often hard on humans!) and never crude or crass.

They’re profitable:
our cards offer 100% mark up from trade price to rrp; some Practices report clients popping in just to buy a card!

They’re fresh:
new designs are added regularly, so our displays don’t go stale.

They’re unobtrusive: your clients won’t miss them – but our display options won’t get in the way of your main business – we offer floor or table top spinners, or wall racks.

They’re not just cards:
many of our Veterinary customers now stock Alison’s Animals coasters, mugs, calendars and other products.

They’re easy to manage:
you can re-order online or by phone; carriage is free on orders valued £80+ … and you can include sympathy / new client cards in a single order.

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Our cards are successfully sold in scores of Veterinary Practices – and make an entertaining and profitable addition to a waiting room – without gobbling up much floor space. Gloucestershire-based illustrator Alison Lingley has lived among animals all her life – and her conspicuous love of her subject matter shines through in her humour and characterisations. We can supply free display units – and most of our Vet customers reorder several times a year. is owned and operated by greetings card publisher Splimple Limited,
1.1 Lauriston Park, Pitchill, Salford Priors, Warwickshire WR11 8SN. 01386 872752

Alison’s Animals greetings cards