They’re a bit different:
we have a broad range of designs, including several which we think take sympathy cards in a fresh direction

They’re nice and big: all our cards are 155mm square (that’s about six inches); the board we print on and the envelopes we provide are of superior quality.

They’re reasonably priced:
our interesting and elegant designs will usually cost you considerably less than other cards on the market.

They’ll be with you in 72 hours:
all orders are fulfilled from stock – so despatch is immediate – and if you spend £80 delivery is free*.

Personalised cards for your Practice:
for a small extra charge we’ll create bespoke cards to help promote your Practice. And when we say small, we really mean it.

*you can combine sympathy and new client cards with an order or reorder of Alison’s Animals greetings cards, to reach the £80 free delivery threshold. 

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Established in 2002 (that’s nearly a century ago in dog years) greetings card publisher Splimple already supplies scores of Veterinary Practices with its Alison’s Animals card range, which is usually displayed in waiting areas and is purchased by clients. Now we’ve extended our offering to the Veterinary profession by releasing a new range of sympathy cards for pet bereavement, as well as some ‘New Client’ cards. is owned and operated by greetings card publisher Splimple Limited,
1.1 Lauriston Park, Pitchill, Salford Priors, Warwickshire WR11 8SN. 01386 872752

Sympathy and new client cards